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A bullseye or star breakage – the names for windshield damage may seem comical, but the consequences are not a laughing matter. A damaged windshield, left unattended, can get worse and can be very dangerous. Also, a windshield replacement can be very expensive. The QUIXX Windshield Repair Kit is the reliable and cost -effective alternative to an expensive windshield replacement. The kit includes everything needed to enable you to repair the damage to automotive glass just like a professional.

Product details 

  • Simple, fast and effective application
  • Stabilizes and seals the damaged area
  • Helps prevent further cracking in the glass
  • Saves expensive repairs and maintains the car’s value
  • Excellent results through to LGT (Liquid Glass Technology) – the repair is almost invisible
  • Superior Repair resin MADE IN GERMANY
  • The all-inclusive kit contains everything required for making repairs
  • Contents : 1 bottle of special repair resin, 1 set of tools, 4 curing foils, 1 razor blade and 1 pair of disposable gloves

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Stone chips in the windshield can quickly become a major problem. Small stones often fall from trucks in front or are thrown through the air by the tires of another vehicle. If they strike a windshield, it can cause spalling, known as a bullseye or star-shaped crack in the windshield.

But beware:  Moisture can penetrate into the broken area and significantly worsen the damage. Even a small chip can quickly lead to larger cracks or the failure of an entire windshield – especially with fluctuating temperatures or driving over bumps and uneven surfaces.

A complete window replacement can, however, be expensive, especially if there is no comprehensive insurance. In addition, the repair time, in which you do without your vehicle or you have to rent a replacement vehicle, must be considered. It is therefore certainly not a mistake to look for alternatives first.

The quick and easy-to-use QUIXX Windshield Repair Kit is also recommended for people with no automotive repair experience. The step-by-step instructions were created by repair professionals, the necessary tools, and the very durable repair resin (Made in Germany), enable you to repair the damage yourself – permanently!

Repairs have
never been
so simple!

/ Answering Your Questions


Generally, yes. As long as they are no more than 1 inch (2.5cm) in diameter. 

Yes, the QUIXX repair resin ensures permanent windshield repair.

It is worth a try. Even with cracked cell phone displays, you can sometimes at least achieve an improvement with the resin.

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