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The QUIXX Black Plastic Colour gives all the black, unpainted surfaces of your vehicle a fresh, new look again: After a short time, plastic parts on the vehicle look gray, matte, weathered, and therefore, old. Most affected are bumpers, wheel arch covers and decorative strips on doors and trunk lids. While other products only freshen them up for a short time, the QUIXX Black Plastic Colour is semi-permanent, thanks to the innovative Black Polymer Technology (patent pending) and offers a deep black color impression and protection for up to 12 months.

Product details: 

  • Gives bumpers and other unpainted plastic parts a new, deep black glossy appearance without leaving any damp or sticky surfaces
  • Simple, quick, and effective application
  • Saves from having to make expensive repairs and maintains value
  • The special high performance coating protects against dirt and UV radiation
  • The perfect visual renewal for your vehicle – it gives a fresh new look, even after many years of weathering.
  • The all-inclusive kit contains everything you need for making repairs.
  • Contents: 1 bottle of Black Plastic Colour, 2 special sponges, and 1 pair of disposable gloves

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Faded plastic makes a vehicle look old and unkept. The blazing sun, salt on the streets and cleaning agents from car washes damage the bumpers, exterior mirror covers, door handles and trim – they weather, become dull and gray. In the interior too – for example in the entry area or on the dashboard, the previously beautiful black plastic fades over time.


There are some products in the market that are supposed to refresh the color in the short term. Even black shoe polish or sun lotion are recommended in car forums. However, none of these solutions are permanent, and some of them are not good for these unintended surfaces. Even some of the well-known brands offer products to help return unpainted surfaces back to their previous glory. However, these too are short lived. The next rain or a trip to the car wash will quickly ruin the beautiful results. In the interior, too, they do not bring the desired clean and lasting result.

With our QUIXX Black Plastic Colour, you can easily restore your vehicle like a professional. Thanks to the new and patent-pending QUIXX Black-Polymer-Technology, weathered parts become deep black and regain their shimmer again. The product also dries quickly, does not attract dust, and lasts up to 12 months after treatment. The special High Performance Coating also protects against dirt and UV radiation.

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Approx. 12 months, depending on the weather and the frequency of car wash maintenance.

Yes, residues can be removed easily with alcohol.

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