Paint Stone Chip Repair Kit


Product details: 

  • Professional quality DIY stone chip repair
  • Removes stone chips and damage to paintwork on hoods, bumpers and much more
  • Suitable for most stone chips and damage on flat vehicle body surfaces
  • Simple, fast application
  • Developed and used by repair professionals
  • Saves on costly repairs and helps retain value


  1. 2 sachets with mesh cloth soaked in special solution
  2. 1 special rubber squeegee
  3. 4 sandpapers, 3,000 grit
  4. 1 sanding block
  5. 1 tube QUIXX Finish special polish
  6. 3 polishing cloths
  7. 1 pair gloves
  8. 1 set instructions
  9. Requires matching touch-up paint sold separately

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The Problem:

Stone chips in the paint of your hood and front bumper cannot be avoided, especially when traveling on highways. The darker the paint, the uglier the white stone chips appear. Deeper stone chips going through the paint and into the metal can lead to corrosion. Repainting the entire hood is expensive and time consuming.

The Solution:

The QUIXX Paint Stone Chip Repair Kit, developed by painting professionals, provides a quick and inexpensive remedy for stone problems in the car’s paint. QUIXX products are designed as DIY products that can successfully be used by professionals and nonprofessionals alike.

The Final Word:

Thanks to the QUIXX Paint Stone Chip Repair Kit, ugly chips in the paint of your car’s front end will be gone in no time. This simple DIY solution helps avoid expensive repairs and repainting your car, as well as helping to maintain the value of the vehicle.

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