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Some scratches cannot be removed, even with the use of our special polish. In these instances, the QUIXX Paint Repair Pen can be used to prevent the damage from getting worse. Very deep scratches and scrapes that can reach the primer, as well as stone chips in the paint can all be treated with the Pen. The special pen tip works in unison with the genuine clear lacquer inside the pen, to fill deep damaged areas, thus preventing the threat of corrosion, oxidation, or paint blistering.

Product details 

  • Suitable for all colors and gloss paints (including metallic)
  • Simple, quick, and effective one step application
  • The clear lacquer in the pen combines harmoniously with the original car’s paint
  • The special pen tip enables particularly precise work
  • Short drying time
  • Saves from having to do expensive repairs and maintains vehicle value
  • Protects against rust and oxidation
  • Professional quality results
  • Contents: 1 clear coat pen

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The Quixx Paint Repair Pen can quickly and easily seal stone chips, for example, on the hood. The special tip, similar to a felt tip marker, enables the amount of paint to be properly controlled and precisely applied.

It is best to pat the affected area several time and then allow the treated area to dry thoroughly. The smooth finish of the paint surface can then be restored by applying a good polishing agent (try the Quixx Paint Scratch Remover Kit).
Caution: In the case of older stone chips that may already have rust, the rust should be removed first.

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/ Answering Your Questions


No, the scratch is sealed with a clear varnish.

No, you will still see the scratch. However, it is closed, and the sheet metal is thus protected from corrosion. The damaged area will look better than before. If scratches are removable, you should use the Quixx Paint Scratch Remover Kit.

Yes, it works very well. The QUIXX PRP can also be used for the final treatment of damaged areas that have been repaired with the manufacturer’s touch-up pen. A combination with QUIXX PSR is also very possible.

Permanent. The clear coat remains on the damaged area after it has had time to cure for a few days.

You can easily remove any excess lacquer from your car by using common nail polish remover. However, this should be tested in an inconspicuous area for compatibility first. A clean, white cotton cloth is all you’ll need. Apply the polish remover to the cloth, not directly on the car.

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