Black Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit


Product details: 

  • Top quality DIY Black Leather & Vinyl Repair Kit
  • Simple and quick application
  • Removes wear marks, tears, snags and small holes in steering wheels, leather/vinyl seats and in dashboards
  • Suitable for most smooth-faced / flat leather / vinyl surfaces in car interiors.
  • Developed by leather repair professionals
  • Saves on expensive repairs and helps retain the car’s value
  • All-Inclusive-Kit containing everything necessary for a successful DIY application


  1. 1 black Liquid Leather Color, 6 ml
  2. 1 bottle of leather cleaner, 30 ml
  3. 1 sponge for application of color and sealer
  4. 1 spatula
  5. 4 strips of sand paper (2000 grit)
  6. 1 sanding block
  7. 1 sealer, 30g
  8. 1 pair of disposable gloves
  9. 1 microfiber cloth
  10. 1 cloth for filling holes in leather

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The Problem:

Covers of steering wheels and leather/vinyl seats wear with time, get ugly and make the car look run down.

This lowers the possible trade price for the car, too.

A renewal of a steering wheel cover or a repair of a hole in the seat by professional upholstery companies is quite expensive.

The Solution:

The QUIXX Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit, developed by our leather professionals, solves problems with worn or torn open surfaces made of BLACK leather or vinyl.
Besides steering wheels and seats, dashboards can also be treated.

QUIXX products have been developed for successful use by Do-It-Yourself fans. We want our customers to be happy with the results of their DIY-repairs.

The Final Word:

Thanks to the QUIXX Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit, ugly wear marks, snags and holes in steering wheels and seat covers made of BLACK leather or vinyl can be remedied. This provides more pleasure with your ride and helps maintains the value of your vehicle.

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