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The QUIXX Rim Twister is the perfect solution for the problem of heavily soiled rims. Thanks to the special arrangement of over 10,000 high-tech bristles and the included drive shaft, the wheels and the internally located rim-bed can be quickly, gently and thoroughly cleaned. Even stubborn soiling as well as burnt-in brake dust is easily removed from the rims without scratching. The Rim Twister’s specially spliced / split bristles use the same technology as modern-day car washing systems. This makes cleaning virtually every surface of the car’s exterior safe and easy, including, front grills, side skirts, front spoilers, exhaust systems, headlights, as well as mounting parts. Simply attach the QUIXX Rim Twister to a cordless screwdriver or a drilling machine and you’ll be amazed at how fast and how easy it is to attain a professional, super clean surface with minimal effort and time.

Product details: 

  • Quickly and effortlessly removes stubborn dirt and troublesome burnt-on brake dust without scratching
  • Superior cleaning performance with more than 10,000 high tech cleaning bristles
  • Specially designed brush structures impart a safe, and professional quality cleaning
  • Can be used with just water or in combination with a rim cleaner
  • Suitable for all rim surfaces (plastic / paint / chrome / steel / aluminum, coated or uncoated)
  • Easily cleans the entire rim – getting into the tightest of areas even the interior wheel bed
  • Allow the cordless screwdriver or drilling machine to do all the work
  • Versatile and safe use (Cars, Motorcycles and Bicycles): beyond just rims, for easy and fast cleaning of front grills, spoilers, side skirts, headlights, windshields, etc.
  • Includes 1 High Performance Rim Twister and 1 Protected Drive Shaft. Devices such as cordless screwdriver or drill are not included in the kit.

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Stubborn soiling and burnt in brake dust on rims can only be removed with aggressive rim cleaners and with the help of a manual rim brush. This type of cleaning can easily scratch the rim if improperly used. The entire procedure is extremely cumbersome, time-intensive; all while the user is on his knees, exposed to a mixture of wheel cleaner, painful road grime and brake dust. QUIXX has developed a solution that allows for simple, effortless, and gentle cleaning of all wheel rims, which is tidier as well as significantly faster than the conventional cleaning with a wheel rim cleaner and hand brush.

Rims have
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so clean!

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Yes, the bristles have been specially created and spliced, making them safe on all surfaces, including painted and/or coated rims. In fact, the Rim Cleaning Brush is so advanced, you can use it to clean the surface of your car to remove bugs, bird droppings, and other debris without damage to the painted surface.

The Rim Cleaning Brush was designed to remove the most stubborn stains, including burnt on brake dust. The dome shaped design and hi-tech, spliced bristles generate optimum RPM’s that help break apart the most difficult dirt and soiling when used in conjunction with your favorite wheel cleaner.

The beauty of the Rim Cleaning Brush is that it allows you to clean inside the rim itself and along the wheel bed. The brush will shrink down to only 2” for really tight quarters, and bloom open to 7” for the main surface area.

No. The brush comes with a drive shaft that allows you to hold onto the neck of the rod while spinning freely at the brush head. This gives you great control and stability.

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