Acrylic Scratch Remover


QUIXX Acrylic Scratch Remover reliably removes scratches from acrylic and Plexiglas surfaces on cars, motorcycles, caravans, boats, an array of clear acrylic furniture around the house. The Acrylic Scratch Remover is also effective for removing scratches and scrapes from your instrument panel speedometer covers, motorcycle windshields, motor home side windows and superficial damage on boat hulls. The result: Professional quality results

Product details: 

  • Series winners of product tests in the international trade press
  • Simple, fast, and effective application
  • Professional quality results
  • Avoids expensive repairs and maintains value
  • Enhanced efficacy through QUIXX Plastic Deformation Technology (PDT)
  • The all-inclusive kit contains everything you need for making repairs.
  • Contents: Plastic polish, 1 professional polishing cloth and 1500 grit sandpaper

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Acrylic and Plexiglas® objects, e.g. rear lights, windows of convertibles, caravans, windscreens and covers for instruments etc., scratch very easy and, thus, lose their appearance and, thus, their value.

Using the special polish from QUIXX, these scratches can be easily, quickly and reliably disposed of: New from old! Thus, an expensive repair, or even replacement, can often be prevented.

The unique effectivity of the QUIXX acrylic scratch remover has been confirmed by the TÜV with a certificate and also reflects in the numerous prizes won in the international trade press.

/ Answering Your Questions


Yes, because the scratches are really polished out of the plastic material

Plexiglas®, and acrylic are very easy to treat. Polycarbonate is often not. 

Coated surfaces such as Coated motorcycle helmet visors because the coating would be removed by polishing. Also, Optical aids such as glasses, as their function can be impaired. Touch screens for electronics, such as those for radio/stereo equipment, GPS devices, etc.

Repairs have
never been
so simple!

Product number: 50252 | EAN: 4028778001711

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