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Over time, the sun, dirt, acid rain and salt cause plastic headlight lenses to turn yellow or cloudy, and even prevent proper function. This discoloration not only detracts from the beauty of your car, but drastically reduces the brightness of the headlights, putting you and others in harm’s way. With the QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit you can effectively do something about it: The kit consists of a polish that quickly and permanently restores clear, bright headlights to like new condition. Also included is a finishing sealer to help keep your newly transformed headlights clearer, longer.

Product details:

  • Removes yellowing, matte spots and slight scratches
  • Simple, fast, and effective application
  • Restores perfect luminosity to the headlights, increasing driving safety (ability to see and to be seen)
  • Provides a long-lasting protective layer (with an additional UV protector against yellowing)
  • Improves the appearance of the vehicle
  • Avoids expensive repairs and maintains value
  • Professional quality results
  • The all-inclusive kit contains everything you need for making repairs.
  • Contents: Plastic polish, sealer, 4 professional polishing cloths, 2000, 3000 and 5000 grit sandpapers and 1 sanding block

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Successfully preparing your car for sale does not only depend on immaculate paintwork without stone chips, scratches, or scrapes, but your car should also be equipped with bright, clear headlights. Headlights often become dull, milky, yellowed, or scratched. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of cars on the road with dull headlights and impaired visibility. Obscured headlights not only detract from the car’s beauty, but they are also a severe safety risk.

Cloudiness and yellowing drastically reduce the headlight brightness.

The ability to see and be seen in the dark progressively becomes worse.

This reduction in the ability to see and be seen makes you a hazard to all other road users.

Fine cracks and scratches also cause the light from the headlight to be unevenly distributed. The consequence is that head on drivers unnecessarily become dazzled when driving in the dark.

An otherwise well-maintained vehicle may fail a roadworthiness inspection if the headlights are weathered or yellowed. Having to pay the costs for a repeat inspection, is really annoying. And then there is the wasted time. Matte or yellowed headlights can also make a bad impression on a planned car sale and deter potential buyers.

Avoid costly replacement.

Of course, you can take your vehicle to a repair shop – that’s too expensive (some garages offer headlight repairs for more than $100 per headlight).

But: You will have to do without your car for a few days and possibly borrow/pay for a replacement vehicle, which is inconvenient and expensive.

Many garages may also suggest that the entire headlamp assembly be completely replaced. This can quickly add up with average costs ranging from $250 – $500, to over $1000 for luxury cars, per side. If replacing both headlights, these numbers would double!

Repairs have
never been
so simple!

/ Answering Your Questions


Yes, all yellowing and light to medium scratches on the outside of plastic headlamps of standard cars can be removed with QUIXX HRK.

Depending on the frequency of renewal of the protective sealer, the treatment usually lasts for 1-4 years. QUIXX cannot guarantee this here because too much depends on material, environmental influences and the frequency of car wash care.

Restoration using QUIXX HRK can be repeated over and over again. If the yellowing slowly returns, timely treatment can avoid sanding. Thus, polishing and sealing are then sufficient.


If the sandpaper is washed out in water immediately after use, it can be used several times, making it suitable for multiple operations / applications.


Depending on the size of the headlamps and the individual material used during polishing, up to 8 average headlamps can be processed. The polishing paste is very economical and can therefore be used relatively sparingly.

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