How Quixx USA
Can Improve Your DIY Car Care

Owning a car is a necessity in some cases and a luxury in others, but maintaining a vehicle can sometimes feel disheartening. There are, however, maintenance tasks you can do yourself rather than spending hundreds of dollars at a repair shop that will make owning a car much more pleasurable.

These DIY car care tips are made more affordable and more accessible through Quixx USA and will have you enjoying your vehicle for less money.


Scraped Paint

A scrape in your paint can happen in just one careless moment. Someone leaves a shopping cart unattended in the parking lot, and the wind blows it right into your car, leaving a scrape or color transfer in what was a perfect paint job. If your car or truck has paint that has been scratched or scraped, you want to fix it as soon as possible, or it will begin to rust. Repairing or touching up the paint is easy. 

The Quixx System Paint Scratch Remover Kit will reliably, effectively, and quickly remove any trace of a minor scrape or scratch. This product has the seal of approval from DEKRA and TUV, and in just two easy steps, you can restore that beautiful look to your car. The kit will include everything you need, and there is no need to go to an expensive repair shop. The results look professional, and you’ll save time and money by doing it yourself. 

If the scratch is more serious, and the Paint Scratch Remover will not take it away, you can use the Quixx System Paint Repair Pen. Some types of scratches are deeper into your vehicle’s paint, and polish just won’t take them away. The Paint Repair Pen works excellent on these deep scratches and scrapes as it fills the damaged area and prevents the risk of oxidation, paint blistering, or corrosion. 

The Paint Repair Pen works for all gloss and color paints, including metallic, and is quick and simple to use. This incredible pen will save you hundreds of dollars in expensive repair shop costs and give you a quality, professional result.


the leather or vinyl in your car

If you experience an event that causes a rip or tear in your leather or vinyl car seats, you can fix these yourself. There is no need to pay an upholstery shop hundreds of dollars to repair a tear or hole when you can fix it yourself in just a few hours. The Quixx System Black Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit is a quick and simple application suitable for most black leather or vinyl in your car.

The Black Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit has been developed by leather repair professionals and will remove wear marks, small holes, snags, tears, and revive faded color on your steering wheel, dashboard, and seats. You will get everything you need to repair it yourself and save hundreds of dollars by not having to use an upholstery service.


the look of faded wheels

A middle-aged car can look great, especially if you’ve kept up with all maintenance needs. Even though the car looks great, the tires can begin to show wear and tear and begin to look faded. The Quixx System Black Tyre Colour refreshes the look of your vehicle’s tires. With the use of Quixx Black-Polymer Technology, your tires will get a fresh new appearance, removing that dull, old-weathered tire look effectively and quickly.

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