Application: Two-Wheeler

There is nothing that bikers love more than “their” sweetheart – cleaned, polished and cared for like a super star. This makes it all the more annoying when minor damage occurs in inattentive moments – such as scratches caused by the key when opening the fuel filler cap, or when a zipper gets stuck on the painted tank.

One careless moment and the shopping cart contacts with the car. Or a zipper is scraped across the paintwork while refueling… so annoying! This is no problem for the QUIXX Paint Scratch Remover, which carries the coveted seal of approval from TÜV and DEKRA: It removes scratches, minor scrapes and traces of paint quickly, effectively and reliably from all gloss and metallic paint finishes. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, scratches in your vehicle’s paintwork are inevitable.

Product details 

  • 2 component system with a scratch removal paste (Repair no.1) and special polish (Finish no.2)
  • Simple, fast, and effective application in two steps
  • Enhanced efficacy through Plastic Deformation Technology (PDT)
  • Professional quality results
  • Avoids expensive repairs and maintains value
  • The all-inclusive kit contains everything you need for making repairs.
  • Contents: Repair No.1, Finish No.2, professional polishing cloths and 3000 grit sandpaper

Some scratches cannot be removed, even with the use of our special polish. In these instances, the QUIXX Paint Repair Pen can be used to prevent the damage from getting worse. Very deep scratches and scrapes that can reach the primer, as well as stone chips in the paint can all be treated with the Pen. The special pen tip works in unison with the genuine clear lacquer inside the pen, to fill deep damaged areas, thus preventing the threat of corrosion, oxidation, or paint blistering.

Product details 

  • Suitable for all colors and gloss paints (including metallic)
  • Simple, quick, and effective one step application
  • The clear lacquer in the pen combines harmoniously with the original car’s paint
  • The special pen tip enables particularly precise work
  • Short drying time
  • Saves from having to do expensive repairs and maintains vehicle value
  • Protects against rust and oxidation
  • Professional quality results
  • Contents: 1 clear coat pen

QUIXX Acrylic Scratch Remover reliably removes scratches from acrylic and Plexiglas surfaces on cars, motorcycles, caravans, boats, an array of clear acrylic furniture around the house. The Acrylic Scratch Remover is also effective for removing scratches and scrapes from your instrument panel speedometer covers, motorcycle windshields, motor home side windows and superficial damage on boat hulls. The result: Professional quality results

Product details: 

  • Series winners of product tests in the international trade press
  • Simple, fast, and effective application
  • Professional quality results
  • Avoids expensive repairs and maintains value
  • Enhanced efficacy through QUIXX Plastic Deformation Technology (PDT)
  • The all-inclusive kit contains everything you need for making repairs.
  • Contents: Plastic polish, 1 professional polishing cloth and 1500 grit sandpaper

The QUIXX Black Plastic Colour gives all the black, unpainted surfaces of your vehicle a fresh, new look again: After a short time, plastic parts on the vehicle look gray, matte, weathered, and therefore, old. Most affected are bumpers, wheel arch covers and decorative strips on doors and trunk lids. While other products only freshen them up for a short time, the QUIXX Black Plastic Colour is semi-permanent, thanks to the innovative Black Polymer Technology (patent pending) and offers a deep black color impression and protection for up to 12 months.

Product details: 

  • Gives bumpers and other unpainted plastic parts a new, deep black glossy appearance without leaving any damp or sticky surfaces
  • Simple, quick, and effective application
  • Saves from having to make expensive repairs and maintains value
  • The special high performance coating protects against dirt and UV radiation
  • The perfect visual renewal for your vehicle – it gives a fresh new look, even after many years of weathering.
  • The all-inclusive kit contains everything you need for making repairs.
  • Contents: 1 bottle of Black Plastic Colour, 2 special sponges, and 1 pair of disposable gloves

Faded tires quickly destroy the impression of an otherwise well-preserved vehicle. Not only do perfect, dark inky tires lend to the overall attractiveness of the vehicle but refreshing your tires with QUIXX Black Tyre Colour before a sale can help increase the value of the car as well. Thanks to the innovative QUIXX Black-Polymer-Technology (patent pending), even old, weathered and dull tires quickly look clean, black and better than new.

Product details: 

  • Special black colorant for a long-lasting, silk matte look
  • Tire color transforms from gray to deep black
  • Simple, fast, and effective application.
  • Can last up to 6 months thanks to BPT (Black Polymer Technology)
  • Dries quickly, is not tacky to the touch, and does not attract dust
  • Particularly resistant to weathering, automatic car washes, and UV light.
  • Sufficient for approx. 8 to 12 tires
  • Professional quality results
  • Can also be used on other automotive parts made of rubber.
  • The all-inclusive kit contains everything you need for making repairs
  • Contents: 1 bottle of Black Tyre Colour, 2 special sponges and 1 pair of disposable gloves

Over time, the sun, dirt, acid rain and salt cause plastic headlight lenses to turn yellow or cloudy, and even prevent proper function. This discoloration not only detracts from the beauty of your car, but drastically reduces the brightness of the headlights, putting you and others in harm’s way. With the QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit you can effectively do something about it: The kit consists of a polish that quickly and permanently restores clear, bright headlights to like new condition. Also included is a finishing sealer to help keep your newly transformed headlights clearer, longer.

Product details:

  • Removes yellowing, matte spots and slight scratches
  • Simple, fast, and effective application
  • Restores perfect luminosity to the headlights, increasing driving safety (ability to see and to be seen)
  • Provides a long-lasting protective layer (with an additional UV protector against yellowing)
  • Improves the appearance of the vehicle
  • Avoids expensive repairs and maintains value
  • Professional quality results
  • The all-inclusive kit contains everything you need for making repairs.
  • Contents: Plastic polish, sealer, 4 professional polishing cloths, 2000, 3000 and 5000 grit sandpapers and 1 sanding block

The QUIXX Metal Restoration Kit is the ultimate product to restore dirty or tarnished metal surfaces to their original beauty. It is suitable for both gloss and matte metal surfaces such as gold, silver, platinum, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, brass, copper, and nickel. The high-performance polish concentrate not only cleans and polishes the surface, but it also leaves a powerful protective layer that provides long-lasting shine, protects against tarnishing and dirt.

Product details:

  • Suitable for high-gloss, matte or brushed metal surfaces
  • Simple, fast, and effective application
  • Provides a radiant and reflective shine on gold, silver, platinum, chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, magnesium, brass, and many other metals.
  • Removes signs of use, small scratches, dulling, oxide, rust and rubbing marks
  • Avoids expensive repairs and maintains value
  • The all-inclusive kit contains everything you need for making repairs.
  • Contents: 1 tube of polish, 1000, 2000 and 5000 grit sandpaper, 1 sanding block and 4 professional polishing cloths.

A bullseye or star breakage – the names for windshield damage may seem comical, but the consequences are not a laughing matter. A damaged windshield, left unattended, can get worse and can be very dangerous. Also, a windshield replacement can be very expensive. The QUIXX Windshield Repair Kit is the reliable and cost -effective alternative to an expensive windshield replacement. The kit includes everything needed to enable you to repair the damage to automotive glass just like a professional.

Product details 

  • Simple, fast and effective application
  • Stabilizes and seals the damaged area
  • Helps prevent further cracking in the glass
  • Saves expensive repairs and maintains the car’s value
  • Excellent results through to LGT (Liquid Glass Technology) – the repair is almost invisible
  • Superior Repair resin MADE IN GERMANY
  • The all-inclusive kit contains everything required for making repairs
  • Contents : 1 bottle of special repair resin, 1 set of tools, 4 curing foils, 1 razor blade and 1 pair of disposable gloves