Headlight Restoration Kit

Dull Headlights?

Don't Panic!

QUIXX  Headlight Restoration Kit 

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Headlight Polish:

• Removes light scratches, yellowing, matte, and cloudy areas on plastic lenses.
• Increases safety with proper illumination restored. Vision is improved for the driver and glare is reduced in the face of on-coming traffic.
• Restores value retention of the vehicle
• Application is quick and easy, saving on expensive repairs or replacement of headlights. Everything is included in the
kit, and no tools are needed.

Headlight Sealer:

• Provides a durable, protective layer.
• Increases the resistance to scratches and yellowing.

The Problem:

In the course of time, sun, contamination, salt and other environmental factors can turn the plastic headlight lenses yellow, cloudy and opaque. Matte headlights present a serious safety risk. Their radiance significantly reduces and the view when dark becomes increasingly poor. That means a risk to all motorists! In addition, naturally, clear and well maintained headlights also contribute to the appearance of the vehicle and, thus, value retention. Simply cleaning the headlight lens without a final sealer actually makes the lenses susceptible to a quick relapse.

The Solution:

Using the QUIXX Headlight Restoration Kit, matte and yellowed headlights are restored to like new condition. Application can save on expensive visits to the workshop, or even expensive replacement of the entire headlight unit. A complete and superior engineered kit, QUIXX helps remove years of oxidation for even the most severe headlight restorations. The final step is sealing the renewed crystal clear lenses to help prevent re-occurrence. The included sealant provides comprehensive protection creating a durable, weatherproof, and highly polished layer that guards against environmental influences.In addition, the smooth, contamination-repellent properties of the sealant help maintain a cleaner headlight for longer periods of time.Regularly applied, the UV protection significantly helps prevent the headlight from yellowing and becoming cloudy again.

"I wasn't a believer in magic - but you may have just converted me. I did a bunch of searching when trying to find something to fix the headlights on my 2004 Mazda - I saw some of your reviews on YouTube and thought it might just be camera trickery, but your Headlight Restoration Kit had amazing reviews so I went with it. Thanks for making a brilliant product. I can't thank you enough. It's awesome to get a product that over delivers."

- Lael

“The outcome was impressive considering I spent no more than five minutes on each lens.” Art Singer- NissanSportMag

K N O W  M O R E  A B O U T  U S

Founded in 1994, E.V.I. GmbH, is a company whose expertise is in surface technology. The company is located in Neuried, a municipality in the district of Munich Germany. In 2003, through systematic research & development, the unique technology that created the QUIXX Paint Scratch Remover was perfected, and the brand was born.

QUIXX, the, “German Engineered” line of car care products provides unique, do-it-yourself solutions with professional results for surface problems that occur on cars, motorcycles, boats, bicycles and caravans.

Today, QUIXX branded products are recognized as the best in their class. Countless test reviews, as well as the coveted seal of quality from the German TÜV and DEKRA assure the superior effectiveness of QUIXX products.

Millions of people in more than 50 countries around the world are satisfied users of QUIXX products. We welcome you to experience how the award-winning family of products can help you.

WNV Corp, located in Miami, Florida, is the exclusive importer, marketer, and distributor of the QUIXX brand in North America.