Black Plastic Colour

Restore your faded and dull black plastic in minutes!

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QUIXX Black Plastic Colour

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- Quickly & easily dyes faded plastic trim from grey to deep black.

- Revolutionary, long lasting color adhesion

- Black plastic trim will look like new

- Beautiful deep, black look is completely dry to the touch.

- Will not wash off, chip, or peel & can last up to 12 months.

- Special properties repel dust, dirt, and UV radiation.

- Prevents premature aging and degradation of plastics

- Quick drying, non-sticky formula

- One bottle is sufficient for about 2 normal sized vehicles

- Everything needed to complete the job is in the box


- 1 bottle of Black Plastic Color 

- Applicator sponges

- Gloves

The Problem:

Automotive makers have incorporated much more plastic in today’s vehicle exteriors. The finish looks great right out of the showroom, but the material is porous and open to attack by everything from harsh cleaning detergents, to rain, snow, salt, road grime, and the worst culprit of all; UV radiation from the sun. New plastic trim soon appears grey, dull, weathered and old. The most affected areas are bumpers, wheel arches/fender flairs, as well as door and trunk trims. These areas are large and noticeable. Thus, the general look of a vehicle is completely compromised. Diverse products exist which are designed to refresh the plastic,but the effect is short lived and the areas treated lose their color rapidly.

The Solution:

QUIXX Black Plastic Color is the perfect solution for the problem of faded plastic parts on the exterior of a vehicle. The QUIXX engineers have developed an innovative liquid with  (“Black Polymer Technology”). Black pigments are applied and actually absorbed by the plastic. The result is a complete transformation of old, weathered and dull looking plastic to like new condition. The treated areas will have a deep black finish with no wet or sticky feel. Unlike many of the petroleum-based products in the marketplace today,  Plastic Color will not easily wash off. The special coating will guard against dirt and UV radiation for up to 12 months. QUIXX Black Plastic Color can be used for all unpainted black surfaces on the exterior of the vehicle. Once applied, the treated areas will look better than new, even after years of neglect.

Before:                 After:
K N O W  M O R E  A B O U T  U S

Founded in 1994, E.V.I. GmbH, is a company whose expertise is in surface technology. The company is located in Neuried, a municipality in the district of Munich Germany. In 2003, through systematic research & development, the unique technology that created the QUIXX Paint Scratch Remover was perfected, and the brand was born.

QUIXX, the, “German Engineered” line of car care products provides unique, do-it-yourself solutions with professional results for surface problems that occur on cars, motorcycles, boats, bicycles and caravans.

Today, QUIXX branded products are recognized as the best in their class. Countless test reviews, as well as the coveted seal of quality from the German TÜV and DEKRA assure the superior effectiveness of QUIXX products.

Millions of people in more than 50 countries around the world are satisfied users of QUIXX products. We welcome you to experience how the award-winning family of products can help you.

WNV Corp, located in Miami, Florida, is the exclusive importer, marketer, and distributor of the QUIXX brand in North America.