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German Engineering: The QUIXX family of products are engineered in Germany. Our factory’s expertise is in “surface technology,” and defined as their core area of competence.

Setting the Standards: The result of a strict focus on surface technology is reflected in the products setting new standards in use (effect), application ease, environmental compatibility, and product marketing.

Worldwide Acclaim: Many of the QUIXX products have provided innovations that have led to numerous awards, recommendations, and best in class considerations, establishing an international market leadership position. QUIXX is represented in more than 50 countries around the globe.

Brand Importers: WNV Corp. exclusively imports and markets the QUIXX brand throughout the United States and Mexico. Today, QUIXX can be found in major auto parts retailers, mass retailers, and on line. The company was founded in 1992 and specializes in the marketing and distribution of global brands in North America. We sell directly to chain stores, mail order, and internet retailers.

Give QUIXX a try and you will become one of the millions of satisfied consumers worldwide who have experienced the outstanding performance and solution that QUIXX products deliver.

QUIXX products are imported by WNV Corp. and manufactured by German based E.V.I. GmbH. 

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