To Make Your Car Look New

Labor is often the highest cost when you talk about car repairs. Some shops can charge hundreds of dollars in labor costs on top of the replacement parts. If you have minor damage to your car, you can take care of them yourself and make it look new.

The Quixx System makes repairs simple and affordable. Our slogan is Repair it Yourself, and our products range from removing scratches in your car’s paint to fixing chipped or cracked windshields. These are five ways to make your vehicle look new.


Paint Scratch REMOVER KIT

Scratches can appear in your car’s paint anytime, any day. A loose shopping cart in the lot can damage your car’s paint job, or someone rubbing their zipper across your car can hurt your paint. Any type of scratch on your car’s paint is an eye sore and one you want to repair.

Quixx Paint Scratch Remover has the approval of DEKRA and TUV. This product can effectively and quickly remove minor scrapes, scratches, and paint traces from your car. If your vehicle has a gloss or metallic finish, Quixx Paint Scratch Remover will reliably fix the damage and have your car looking new in no time.



Some scratches in your car’s paint cannot be removed with special polishes. Quixx has the solution for these scratches with our Paint Repair Pen. This pen will prevent damages from getting worse, even those deep enough to reach your vehicle’s primer. 

The tip on the Paint Repair Pen will work with a clear lacquer to fill those deeply damaged areas.



Just as a human needs to keep their eyeglasses clean and scratch-free, your car needs its headlights in good condition. Dirt, acid rain, the sun, and salt all impact the quality of your headlight lenses. These lenses will turn cloudy or yellow from these substances and prevent your headlights from performing properly. 

Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit can permanently and quickly restore your headlights to looking new. This restoration kit can restore your headlights to clear, bright ones like when you bought the vehicle. The Quixx Headlight Restoration Kit includes a finishing sealer to keep your lights looking cleaner and newer longer.


Windshield REPAIR KIT

One of the most critical safety features of your car is the windshield. If your windshield is damaged and not taken care of, vibrations and heat fluctuations can cause that damage to worsen quickly. This leads to a visit to the auto repair shop for a complete windshield replacement. 

The Quixx Windshield Repair Kit is your affordable, effective alternative. This kit has all you need to repair the damage and have your windshield looking like new in no time.



Tires on a car can fade quickly. Faded-looking tires make your entire vehicle look bad. Repairing this look not only makes your vehicle look better going down the road, but it can also help increase the value of your car too. Quixx Black Tyre Colour can make your weathered, old, dull-looking tires look new. 

With our Black-Polymer Technology, this product will provide your tires with a long-lasting silk-matte look. Unlike tire shines, which are mere “refreshers” that wash off in a few days, the Quixx Black Tyre Colour can last up to 6 months and won’t simply wash right off.

Quixx provides you with professional quality products that will make it simple, cost-effective, and easy to restore minor damages to your car. Our easy-to-use kits will give your vehicle a fresh new look.